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Customer Data Integration. Marketing CRM. Multi-Channel Management.

The Relevvant Marketing Orchestration Platform offers best-in-class solutions for each marketing channel.  This is the only platform that allows marketers to easily create informed, multi-layered campaign strategies driven by any or all data: predictive analysis, CRM, social data, purchasing data, web behavior, device type, performance testing, and more.

Orchestrating data-informed campaigns through Relevvant drives significant lift in performance on each channel. Beautiful and simple UX.


Relevvant’s platform enables our team to automate and personalize our large email campaigns through our existing ESP. What was a day-long process with multiple teams now takes less than two hours to complete within our marketing team.

As a global organization, it has been difficult to unify customer activity across the several brands we own. Relevvant helps to optimize cross-brand marketing at the scale we need.


Relevvant has a responsive and creative team, and their Amass tool has helped us show amazing improvement in email and mobile subscriber growth.


Next Generation B2C Marketing Automation

Data Integration
Connect to user-centric data elements from any data source to create 360º timelines of customer experiences with your company for deeper insights, segmentation,  and predictive analytics.


User-Level Facebook Data

POS and Online Purchasing

Interests and Preferences


Brand Website Activity

3rd Party Data

Cookie Integration

iBeacon & Other Location Data

Performance tracking, testing, and predictive analysis are clear paths to improving ROI.

Marketing teams use the Relevvant platform at varying levels of complexity – from simple SMS or email targeting to designing complex data-driven campaigns across email, social, mobile, website, and direct mail channels – all with the industry’s most simple UI.

Marketing Orchestration
Orchestrate personalized customer experiences across any channel: mobile messaging, email, dynamic pages, mobile push, print, and social display.  

ESP: Optimized Personalized Email

CMS: Dynamic Landing Pages

Mobile Push & Display

Responsive SMS & MMS

Facebook Custom Audiences

Twitter Tailored Audiences